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Lynn Valley PV

The 8.75 kW photovoltaic (solar electric) installation at the Lynn Valley Care Centre in North Vancouver, BC is now online and delivering clean power to the building. Installation work by Vancouver Renewable Energy ( ).

Efficient Car Myth

With the recent announcement of a 10 lane monster bridge here in Vancouver it might be timely to examine the idea of the efficient car.  Some supporters of the highway expansion project claim that we don't need to worry about greenhouse gas emissions or local pollution because the increased traffic will sometime in an unspecified future be replaced by magical super efficient cars.

A recent article in The Progressive, The Myth of the Efficient Car, examines this issue. The article points out that, "...the looming catastrophe of global pollution, including climate change, will never be solved by building more cars – efficient or otherwise."

Meanwhile the private partner involved in building the bridge, Macquaire Group, is having problems.

"they have gone mad"

Quote of the day:
"To remove a bridge that is still worth at least half a billion,
and add a giant one at a cost of 3.5 billion makes no sense. With that
much money you could provide rail transit to within a ten minute walk
of over 80% of south of Fraser residents."

Patrick M. Condon
Professor, University of British Columbia
and former professional city planner
responding to the announcement of a 10 lane Port Mann bridge