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Public Input on Bike Lanes

Certain elements in the Vancouver media are trying to create opposition to the plans for the Hornby bike lane.  Critics often claim that Vision, the current political party in power, has pushed forward bike lanes in an "aggressive" manner with a disregard for public process.

Ironically as the NPA leaning blog points out, the previous NPA government actually created more bike routes during its tenure.

Some of these were simply bike routes that shared the road with vehicles.   But there were many actual bike lanes that gave a distinct strip of pavement to bikes.  Many were downtown and some removed parking and/or lanes for motor vehicles.  Examples of bike lanes introduced before Vision took power include:
- Burrard Street
- Hornby Street
- Pacific
- Carrall Street
- Homer
- Richards
- Pacific
- Beatty
- 41st
- 49th

But from what I remember in most cases there was LESS pre-construction communication and public process for these changes then there has for the Bu…