Saturday, October 02, 2004

In a recent article on the Point Grey Road bike lane, a resident of the neighbourhood referred to the "selfish action by... cyclists."

I have heard this phrase more than a few times. Many of these "selfish cyclists" sacrifice the comfort of an automobile to commute many kilometers every day. Some days they face cold, wet, miserable weather. Often they risk life and limb avoiding careless motorists.

All this so we can all breath cleaner air, our children won't face a future planet drastically altered by global climate change, and there are fewer carcinogens going into our lungs.

Meanwhile, motorists hop into their cars to visit the corner store just a few blocks away. They add to air pollution that is estimated to shorten the life of 6,000 Canadians every year. And their nasty habit is subsidized by all of us taxpayers (Pollution Probe estimates that the subsidy is $4.77 billion in Ontario alone).

So who is being selfish?

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