Friday, March 04, 2005

Although I use a bike for most of my transportation I am a member of a car cooperative because there are still times when I think I need a car. For example when one has to move homes.

Or maybe not....

Last weekend myself and seven other cyclists with bike trailers moved a friend across the city.

photo by Guy Vera


desschmitt said...

Great! Do you have any suggestions how I would adapt an old steamer trunk to a bike trailer? I have a laundry service and would like to transport the clean, hanging clothes by bike and thought that a tall trunk (or similar structure) could be added to a trailer or adapted into a trailer. Any suggestions or resource ideas?

desschmitt said...

desschmitt email =

thank you.

Rob said...

(sorry it took so long).

I would suggest contacting Andy Hunter at info @

He has lots of experience building interesting bike trailers.