Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update on Arrests at Betty Krawczyk's Sentencing

The two supporters of Betty Krawczyk who were arrested following her
sentencing were released without a clear explanation of what they
were charged with and with no date to appear in court.

One of those arrested said he assumed that they would be charged with
violating the court injunction that was read to them. He hopes to
challenge it in court. The court order was against anyone blocking
doors in the courthouse and he believe that the bailiffs were the one
primarily blocking the doors.

Highway activists remain defiant in spite of the sentence given to Krawczyk.
The organizer behind said, “Ten months in prison,
the judge said, is necessary as a "deterrent" to
further action – Betty's, and ours.In spite of all the injustice
surrounding her treatment, we must remember the fundamental reason
why Betty is in jail now. She is there because it is fully unjust,
corrupt and obscene to continue building highways through living
communities, whether inhabited by eagles or humans...We shall not be

A local environmental consultant said that this story needs to be “send
it to newspapers all over . might get a ruckus happening over
there calling for the head of VANOC and Minister Falcon. It’s worth
a try…, , , other countries would love to run this story about
barbaric North Americans politicians sending elderly women to jail…”

The next major event for those working to stop highway expansions will be
a Mass Rallyfor Sustainable Transportation held Saturday, March 31st,
2007 in Delta. It will take place from 2:00
– 5:00 pm at the East Delta Community Hall 10379 Ladner Trunk Road,
Delta (Between Highway 99 and Burns Bog). Speakers will include Gord
Price, Livable Region Coalition; Donna Passmore, Gateway 30 Network;
Representative, BC Liberal Government (invited!); Adriane Carr, Green
Party of Canada; David Chudnovsky, NDP Transportation Critic; Jim
Houlahan, CAW local 111 (Bus Drivers)

Transportation options for getting there: Translink's C76 Community Shuttle from
the Ladner or Scottsdale Exchanges. Or put your bike on the 351 bus
in downtown Vancouver and ride from the highway 99 / highway 10

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