Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seling Real Estate in a Hummer

With growing public consciousness around climate change and all things sustainable I find it strange that anyone would want to advertise their business on the side of a Hummer H2 (except maybe Hells Angels).
It certainly won't be helping the price of real estate in Richmond. Maybe there should be a boycott of Glen Warren Re/Max Real Estate Vancouver

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Chris said...

There's another Re/Max hummer I see routinely parked in Yaletown. I don't remember who it belonged to, but it disgusts me.

Diana said...

Beyond the immediate financial incentives that translate into energy savings and the related reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, Realtors offer clients across BC a full Green Realty service. This includes being able to offer guidance and resources related to the the environmental aspects of a home, property, or community.
Advertisement in a Hummer is one of the useful ways. I also saw an advertisement in a Hummer limo.
The green realtors field is growing quickly.
In Vancouver, one such realtor is Roberta Skye at MacDonald Realty.

Anonymous said...

Well i see that the whole "hummer" thing really grinds your gears. Maybe becasue your jelous that you have to ride your bike to work every morning and can only dream of have a car with heated seats.
But you know this is only My opinion

Ps. get a life

Rob said...

I am not sure why I would be jealous of a Hummer owner. I could actually afford to buy a couple of Hummers. I choose not to.

I used to drive a car to work before I switched to a bike and find I prefer the bike.

As far as "getting a life" - what could be a better life than to spend time making the planet a cleaner, less polluted place? A world with a more stable climate and less asthma. So, I think I will continue to encourage people to stop driving vehicles which emit more pollution.

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