Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open Letter to Gateway Contractors

Transtoll Inc., The Macquarie Group, Flatiron Construction Corp., Kiewit Corporation,

I am writing to ask that you cancel your participation in the Metro Vancouver (Canada) “Gateway Program” as it is currently planned. Instead you should negotiate with the public and provincial government to create a new program that is environmentally sustainable and financial viable. Highway expansion does not fit these criteria.

Here are a few reasons to withdraw from the Gateway Program:

1. Reduced revenues as a result of carbon reduction programs.

Programs like BC's carbon tax are designed to encourage people to drive less. Fewer vehicle trips means less revenues for the private partner.

2. Reduced revenues as a result of peak oil.

We are already seeing people reducing their vehicle trips as a result of recent spikes in gasoline prices. As the price of a finite resources increases we will see further reductions in potential revenues.

3. Increased costs.

Rising oil prices also means increased costs for pavement – a basic component of highway construction.

4. Public Opinion.

There is widespread opposition to the Gateway Program in BC and participation in that program could be a public relations nightmare.

5. Protests.

Two recent highway expansion projects (Sea to Sky and Bear Mountain) were delayed for months by protests.

6. Financing.

The current situation in the global financial markets makes financing the project extremely difficult.

7. It is the right thing to do.

The Gateway Program will increase emissions from the sector that is already the highest source of greenhouse gas emissions in this region. It will also increase pollution that is responsible for health problems. Climate change has been called the greatest moral issue that our generation faces.



(For contact info to send your own letter: http://www.ecocascadia.org/BCCC.shtml )

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