Thursday, September 26, 2002

Do you get the feeling that the Bush and Blair administrations are getting desperate in their propaganda campaign? Experts have disputed their claim about the dangers of Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons. They also tried to make claims about nuclear weapons but scientists disputed those claims.

Next Blair released his dossier. One paper says the dossier is full of “marshmallow facts” (also check out the Guardian detailed analysis of the dossier claims).

Yesterday the Bush administration again tried to link Iraq to to al-Qaeda. But some European politicians are skeptical about the “evidence.” Germany's defense minister said there was nothing new in the CIA report, adding he had no information of links between al-Qaeda and Iraq. And another journalist points out in the Guardian that there still isn’t any hard evidence of such a link.

Meanwhile nonviolent occupations of congressional offices have occurred in Seattle, Minnesota, Illinois, New Mexico and Michigan.

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