Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Yesterday the headlines proclaimed that Tony Blair had a dossier that demonstrated why we need to go to war with Iraq. It turns out this was not so much compeling evidence as it was propaganda.

Some are calling the report dishonest and that Blair has falied to make a case for war. In a Washington Post article Gary Milhollin, executive editor of Iraq Watch, a Washington-based nonprofit institution that tracks developments in Iraq's weapons program, is quoted as saying, "Given the high priority for knowing what is going on in Iraq, I'm stunned by the lack of evidence of fresh intelligence." Within two hours and 10 minutes after the release of the report Baghdad authorities were taking a group of British journalists to see the sites of alleged manufacture and storage named in the document.

The report describes some of Saddam Hussein's human rights abuses. But an investigation by British journalist's reveals that the "leaders" that the Bush government is considering to replace Saddam may be just as bad if not worse. has an excellent collection of articles from various political viewpoints discussing why the war is wrong - including one from the CATO Institute.

It appears that the drive to war with Iraq may be a "Runaway Train."

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