Saturday, December 28, 2002

I am reading the book “A Language Older Than Words” by Derrick Jensen. He has one section where he describes some of the atrocities of the first Gulf War. It might be helpful to review these as we prepare for the second.

- 250,000 – 500,000 Iraqis died during the war.
- American troops used plows mounted on tanks to bury Iraqis alive in their trenches, after one wave of bulldozers incapacitated the defenders, another filled the trenches with sand.
- in at least one verified incident American soldiers slaughtered thousands of unarmed Iraqi soldiers walking toward Americans positions, hands raised in an attempt to surrender
- two days after the ceasefire, Schwarzkopf approved the combined arms slaughter of Iraq’s Republican Guard Hammurabi Division as it retreated.
- in clear violation of international law, the American forces used napalm fuel-air explosives, and cluster bombs
- less than 10% of destroyed vehicles on the “Highway of Death” were associated with the military. One GI described most as “like a little Toyota pickup truck that was loaded down with the furniture and the suitcases and rugs and the pet cat and that type of thing.”
- the Air Force intentionally bombed a baby milk powder factory, a vegetable oils factory, a sugar factory, the country’s biggest frozen meat storage, 52 community mental health centers, a major hypodermic syringe factory and 676 schools.
- Americans intentionally bombed the Amariayh civilian bomb shelter, twice. The second bomb killed all but 17 of the 1500 mostly women and children hiding there.

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