Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More thoughts on the new BC Transit Plan

Speaking about the new Provincial Transit Plan, Premier Campbell said "Our transit mission is nothing short of being a global leader in terms of public transit and transit usage."

Unfortunately, the plan will get us no where near to being a "global leader." The new transit plan has ridership reaching 17% by 2020.

But in Stockholm 70 percent of peak period trips are by public transit. In Berlin it is 40% with a goal of 80%. Paris and London are both over 20%.

Other European cities :

Utrecht - 40%
Helsinki - 30%
Zurich - 40%
Copenhagen - 31%

Even some American cities seem to be ahead of us (note: these numbers are for percentage of commuters not total trips):
Washington - 33%
New York - 53 %

I would like to see us be a global leader in public transit. But unfortunately, this plan is too little too late. Maybe if we cancelled all the highway expansion projects and made transit a priority we could start to make progress towards that goal.

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