Thursday, January 24, 2008

Falcon Misinformed on Truck Traffic

Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon claims the we need to expand the Port Mann to accommodate “commercial-goods–movement” (Jan 24 Georgia Straight). But according to his own department's figures, only 8% of the traffic on the bridge is truck traffic. Clearly the current bridge has plenty of capacity for commercial-goods-movement.

The vast majority of the traffic on the bridge is single occupancy vehicles and these drivers need to be given the option of transit now, not years in the future. Falcon does get one thing right - tolls will help induce people to take transit. But we need to start congestion pricing on the current infrastructure not future infrastructure. That is what other cities that are taking sustainable transportation seriously are doing. Why is Metro Vancouver falling behind?

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Stephen Rees said...

Actually the 8% truck traffic figure comes from Translink's truck survey - the only one of its kind and not repeated. So back then am peak hour traffic across the Port Mann bridge westbound was 8% - and said to be "the highest in the region" which I think must be wrong since obviously routes like Deltaport Way are nearer 90% trucks - and most of them stationary!