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Burrard Bridge Bike Lane Myths

Vancouver's new mayor and council has reversed the previous council's decision about the burrard bridge bike lane trial. I am finding that there are still a lot of myths out there about the bike lane trial: Myth: The electorate has spoken in opposition to the bike lane trials by electing the NPA. Reality: The only poll I saw showed that 50% of the population supported the lane reallocation trial. The other 50% was divided among those that were neutral or opposed the lane reallocation. So, only a minority opposed the bike lane reallocation. And even among those that opposed it I found many were confused about basic facts and would change their mind when given all the facts. Myth: The bike land trial is only supported by a “radical bike lobby.” Reality: The bike lane reallocation plan was supported by a board coalition that included: - the mainstream cycling groups in Vancouver - transportation policy groups that advocate for public transportation - one the most famous and