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There will be a rally for sustainable transportation in Surrey on Saturday, Sept. 24th. In our region transportation is the largest contribution to green house gas emissions and this is an event that directly deals with that issue. Some of us will be cycling to the event. View the proposed route here or below: <br><small><a style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255); text-align: left;" href=",-122.930973&spn=0.052352,0.26039&source=embed">View Larger Map</a></small>

Cyclists interacting with Motorists

I just read this rather frightening account of a NY State Senator almost crushing a cyclist and then threatening him .  It reminded me of a similar experience I had on Pacific Boulevard in Vancouver.  An SUV driver veered into the cycling lane, hit my arm which I had instinctively stretched out and then yelled at me not to touch his vehicle. But there is also a much more heartwarming account on No Impact Man's Blog where a confrontation ends with a handshake.  And that too reminded me of an incident here in Vancouver.  I was legally using the new bike box on the Carrall Street Greenway.  A delivery van driver started shouting and swearing at me because I was in the bike box.  I tried to explain what the bike box was but he just continued to yell at me telling me that what I was doing was wrong.  I followed him to his next stop and started to phone the number on the side of his truck.  He suddenly became much more resonable and I was able to explain to him how a bike box works. 

Low CO2 Trip to Victoria

Using public transit, ferries and a bike I did a low C02 trip to Victoria for the Labour Day long weekend. The trip included some great examples of sustainable transportation infrastructure. A photo essay of the trip can be found at: