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"Green" Power and Hypocrisy

In the last few days it seems that the debate about "green" power here in the BC has heated up. The subject has come up in blogs, newspaper editorials, email lists and even at a business reception last night. It is frustrating for me that so much of the focus for climate change solutions in BC is on electrical power generation. Please don't get me wrong - we shouldn't ignore electrical generation. I certainly don't. My professional life is spent working on renewable energy and energy conservation solutions. But, here in BC electrical generation accounts for only a small fraction of our ghg emissions (2%). The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions is transportation (36-40%). Shouldn't our focus be on reducing emissions in the transportation and building sectors? We are not going to meet the targets required unless we start to focus on these areas. Why aren't these sectors generating the same amount of discussion when in fact they are far more signif

Activists Join Climate Change Day by Blocking Highway Preparation

see larger image Created by WestCoast TreeHugger | add comment Created by WestCoast TreeHugger | add comment SURREY, BC - Concerned citizens from both sides of the Fraser River participated in protesting the demolition of a large house slated for demolition in Surrey’s Bridgeview neighbourhood this morning. The non-violent act of civil disobedience is taking place as part of a day of direct action drawing attention to activities that cause climate change in various cities throughout North America. The house in Surrey is in the way of preparatory work for the South Fraser Perimeter (SFPR) Highway, part of the provincial government's controversial Gateway project.Ministry officials plan to lay pre-load sand throughout the neighbourhood so in a couple years thearea will be ready for pavement. “Kevin Falcon's Gateway Project is threatening to destroy this community, and outdated freeway projects like this are destroying our planet,” said Tom Jaugelis, a local resident and spoke