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"Stop Cooking the Planet” Event

At least 25 people braved the monsoon rains to participate in the “Stop Cooking the Planet” event outside Kevin Falcon's breakfast speech. One TV station (Radio Canada/CBC) showed up and there was some good dialogue with people entering the event. Kevin Falcon, BC's transportation minister was discussing plans to increase BC's greenhouse gas emissions by building more freeways. I have photos of the event up at: If anyone wants higher resolution copies of the photos let me know.

Boing Boing and Wind RECs

A Boing Bonig post (later updated ) on Whole Foods selling Renewable Energy Certificates generated a fair amount of blog discussion. There have also been responses in a Treehugger post and a Sustainablog post. First in the interest of full disclosure – I am a co-owner of an organization that sells carbon offsets (although we are a co-operatively owned non-profit). To respond to some of the concerns: “...How can you even be sure the money will go towards wind energy...” Because these projects are audited by a third party and certified. The third party guarantees that the money will go towards wind energy. The auditing and certification is quite intensive and expensive. “...why perpetuate the idea that alternative energy costs more...” All legitimate offset programs must meet the criteria of “Additionality.” This means that offsets can only be used for projects that would not otherwise be financially viable. And the the offsets can only be used for the portion of the cost that