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Gateway will help transit?

Jordan Bateman has blogged "...road and transit options--Gateway will help us with both..." That Gateway will somehow help with transit is one of those ideas that keeps getting repeated but there seems to be no evidence to support it. There have been some vague promises about bus service on the twinned Port Mann bridge in the far distant future but there have been NO specific plans on incorporating transit into the Gateway project. In fact, transit projects keep getting delayed and reduced due to funding cuts. If the funding that is planned for the Gateway project could be used by transit we might be able to meet the original targets for bus and rail expansion in the lower mainland. Transit is a much more efficient way to move people in an urban environment. But currently people are choosing to drive single occupancy vehicles because our buses and skytrains are overcrowded. An investment in transit could provide immediate congestion relief. Powered by ScribeFire .

Climate Change Rally In Vancouver

On April 14th residents in Vancouver, BC joined cities acroos North America in urging governments to act on the issue of climate change. NowPublic Tags: entertainment | Climate Change | Global Warming | highway expansion | rally | stopgateway | Vancouver | step it up