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TransLink, the Vancouver , BC transit company, has decided to award a construction contract to SNC-Lavalin, the war profiteer supplying bullets to U.S. occupation forces in Iraq . Peace activists are vowing to continue their campaign against the contract.
Chris Spannos has a new article in Seven Oaks magazine about SNC-Lavalin's RAV contract and their war profiteering (see the 29 of October entry below).
I recently got into another online debate with someone about anthropogenic climate change. It is frustrating to have a discussion with someone who hasn’t reviewed any scientific literature on the subject, but makes assumptions based a couple of contrarian articles found in the popular press or some fringe website. So it was refreshing to come across an article in the Columbia Journalism Review that talks about how fringe science can hijack the scientific debate under the guise of “balanced” coverage. It specifically deals with the disproportionate weight and credibility given to so-called climate change “sceptics.”