Friday, June 08, 2007

Bizarre Gateway Arguments

The arguments of proponents of the Greater Vancouver Gateway Project keep getting more bizarre.

First, they tried to use the news that BC has reduced it's green house gas emissions to argue that we need to exapnd highways.

Except the fact is that BC reduced emissions during a period when we were NOT building highways but instead making limited investments in public transit.  Why would we want to reverse this trend and invest money in highways instead of transit? Especially when the the reduction we have seen is only one tenth of the Province's own modest emissions targets? And when even the Province admits that the Gateway project will increase GHG emissions?

Now, they are trying to argue that the increased use of hybrids means we should support the Gateway program.

These are the same people that tried to argue that the Gateway program would reduce pollution from idling (even though there is no evidence to support this happening for more than a short time period). Aren't they aware that hybrids like the Prius don't produce pollution while idling and that as hybrids become more popular it renders one of their chief arguments mute?

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