Monday, June 11, 2007

Hybrids and Highway Expansion

I have been thinking more about the idea that fuel efficient vehicles will help mitigate highway expansion.

Only about 1% of vehicles currently sold in Canada are hybrids.  The best estimates I have seen predict that the Gateway project will increase automotive emissions by 31%.   Hybrids under best conditions can reduce emission by half.  So if, 1% of the increase is from vehicles that reduce emissions by half that means that the increase will be 30.85% instead of 31%.

How will a 30.85% increase instead of 31% help us meet Premier Campbell's target of a 33% reduction?

How do we explain to parents of an asthmatic child that their asthma attacks will be 30.85% worse instead of 31% worse?

Hybrid vehicles are a small part of the solution, but if we really care about people in our region we need better solutions.

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