Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't Build It and Traffic will Stay Away

In a recent column in the Surrey Leader BC Trucking Association president Paul Landry said:

“...there are people who think you can reverse that logic and apply it to roads – “If you don’t build it, they’ll stay away.” Unfortunately, if you follow their logic you’ll not only end up without a Field of Dreams,...”

Of course this is just one man's opinion and he offers NO evidence to support that position.

In fact, the evidence suggest otherwise.

Extensive research
has found that traffic can be reduced if you “don't build it” AND give people alternatives.

Here is part of the summary of the report:

“This paper reports on two phases of research, resulting in the examination of over 70 case studies of roadspace reallocation from eleven countries, and the collation of opinions from over 200 transport professionals worldwide. ... significant reductions in overall traffic levels can occur, with people making a far wider range of behavioural responses than has traditionally been assumed.”

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foo said...

Don't you think the fact that almost all the population growth in the lower mainland in the last 20 years has happened in the burbs as opposed to Vancouver provides at least some support for this argument?

Rob said...

Most people I know who live in the burbs live there because housing is cheaper or that is where their job is. Not sure what that has to do with transit.

Also there is more growth in the burbs simply because there is more room for growth there.