harriet nahanee

harriet nahanee
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CBC Radio is reporting that Harriet Hahanee has died (also coverage here, here and here). In her early life she was a victim of residential schools. At the end of her life she became a victim of the province's ideology of development regardless of the consequences. Perhaps she will be remembered as the first person to die as a result of protesting development around the 2010 Winter Olympics.

In January, Madam Justice Brown sentenced the Squamish elder to fourteen days in jail for asserting her rights under the Constitution as an Indian and refusing to apologize to anybody, including the court, for blockading construction at Eagleridge Bluffs.

Betty Krawczyk, who had been acting in the courtroom as a McKenzie Friend of the court on Harriet's behalf objected to the sentencing. She felt the Surrey Pre-Trial Centre would not be safe for someone in Harriet's condition.

Betty was forcibly ejected from the court room and refused re-entry.

While jailed Nahanee developed pneumonia, was hospitalized and died as a result of complications from that illness.


Anonymous said…
Was this elder murdered in hospital
there needs to be an inquest and Judge Brenda Brown needs to be fired for sending a sick elder to a men's jail.
1. email wally oppal attorney general of BC and demand Brown's resignation
2. Call for an inquest into Harriet Nahanee's death
3. Turn up at the court room on 5th March and personally let Justice Brown hear your disgust
3. broadcast the film " Unrepentant" go to web site

get off your chair
Anonymous said…
Genocide plane and simple, it's alive and vibrant in CANADA to all aboriginals by parasitical mind set occupiers!


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