Emission Free Transporation Options

The anti-clean air gang continue their campaign of wishful thinking by proposing that somewhere in the hypothetical future technology (like hybrids) will allow us to expand our highways and still reduce harmful pollution and green house gas emissions.

The fact is only about 1% of cars sold in Canada are hybrids. And hybrids still pollute and release green house gases.

And we already have transportation solutions that are virtually emissions free (SkyTrain, LRT and electric trolley buses). Why don't we expand this infrastructure now and wait until the other technology is widely adopted before expanding highways?

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Chris said…
Walter's arguments aren't unique. You only need to look at politicians like George Bush and Stephen Harper to hear the same arguments. First they denied climate change was happening, then that it was man-made, then they cast doubt on the science behind the conclusions. And now that people are wakening up to reality, the rely on stall tactics and hypothetical "technological solutions" of the future.

They'll say anything to avoid actually fixing the problem.

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